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Founder / Palo Alto, CA

Hugo, the creator of Elite America Tennis, is a highly accomplished tennis coach with extensive experience in developing players of all ages and skill levels, from competitive to recreational. He possesses exceptional leadership skills and is capable of building and managing successful tennis programs and camps, effectively communicating with parents, accurately assessing players' skill levels, and assisting students in achieving their tennis objectives through group and private lessons. Hugo has an impressive track record of improving countless USTA and UTR ratings, nurturing nationally-ranked blue-chip juniors, and excelling in high-level competition since his teenage years. With over a decade of teaching experience and more than 20 years of living the game, Hugo played DII tennis in South Carolina, where he finished first in both singles and doubles in the lineup and played a crucial role in his team's victory at the NCCAA national championship in 2011. He has also had the privilege of working with some of the most renowned tennis coaches in America, such as Paul Scarpa, Kelly Jones, Mark Elliott, and Gabe Jaramillo, and has participated in practice sessions with ATP and WTA players such as Marin Čilić, Daniil Medvedev, Adrian Mannarino, Nikoloz Basilashvili, and Pablo Carreño-Busta, among others.


-Co-Head Tennis Professional - Stanford Cardinal Junior Program

- Product Specialist - Tennis Town & Country, Palo Alto, California

- Advisory Staff - HEAD

- Uomo Sport Ambassador

- Head Tennis Professional - Belvedere Tennis Club, Bay Area, California

- Tennis Professional - Billie Jean King Tennis Center, Los Angeles, California

- Head Tennis Professional - Dussault Household, Northern Virginia

- Tennis Professional - Ida Lee Parks and Recreation, Northern Virginia

- Head Counselor - Nike Tennis Camps, Furman / Stanford

In addition to his leadership at Elite America Tennis, Hugo is a Wilson Ad-Staff member, having participated in the Clash V2 campaign and being the face for the new Wilson Shift. He is also a Wilson Labs prototype play-tester. and a professional racket stringer (using the Wilson Baiardo machine) who works with both the Stanford and UC Berkeley men's tennis teams. Hugo's impressive credentials include three professional coaching certifications from USPTR in "Adult Development," "Performance," and "11 to 17," as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree from North Greenville University and a Master of Science degree from George Mason University. He is USTA SafePlay approved and has received enthusiastic praise from the many players he has worked with throughout his career.

Read on to discover what some previous and current students have to say about his exceptional coaching abilities:

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Thank you for helping me in tennis. I've learned so much from you. Thank you for helping me with my serve technique, I am excited to keep working on it. Thank you for helping me in tennis for the past four years. You are the best in the world, coach Hugo.
Love, Deacon.

“Hugo is the most effective coach I’ve worked with in my seven years of playing tennis.  He notices patterns in technical execution and is able to quickly and effectively provide feedback and corrective measures.  He is very creative and has multiple approaches in his teaching style which is wonderful because not everyone learns in the same way.  Hugo has the rare combination of being proficient in both technical coaching and strategic guidance for match play.  His lessons are focused, but he keeps them fun and motivates me to reach further.”

Laura V.

In the fall of 2013 we met this nice young man when we signed up for beginner classes. Little did we know that Hugo would become our coach for the next 5 years. Patient, reliable, passionate about his work, Hugo brought to us the love for tennis and for that we will remain forever grateful. He coached our son and went with him thru pre-teen and teen years. For those who have kids that age know exactly what I am talking about. Hugo taught him discipline, perseverance and made him believe in himself, those things are priceless. Everything he learned from Hugo took him from complete beginner to making the high school tennis team.

Daniela S.

“Hugo inspires me to be a better tennis player.  He has shown me how to be more confident in my strokes and given me the tools to make my game stronger.  I want to play tennis on a high school team and Hugo is helping me reach that goal.  I would re-arrange my whole schedule to be able to take a lesson with Hugo, because I’ve improved so much in a short amount of time working with him.”

Zina V.

I used to be at the bottom of my class and thanks to you I'm now at the top.
Thank you a lot for helping me improve my game. I will miss you when you are in California.

Thank you. Sincerely,


Hugo is a terrific tennis instructor. He is pleasant, fun and patient. He offers the technical tips at the right moment, never overly does it, and consistently reminds you the right techniques without making you feel bad. The drills he works with you are designed to enable you to master the basic tennis techniques without overloading you, so that you could actually enjoy tennis while you are still at a stage of learning and trying to improve your game. All in all, Hugo is a wonderful tennis instructor. I look forward to playing with him for many years to come!

Fred H.

Being a good coach entails having the technical skills, knowing how to teach them and having the ability to make the lesson an enjoyable experience. Hugo excels in all of them. Highly recommended.

Carlos G.

I really enjoy my lessons with Hugo! He's super focused on establishing strong technical fundamentals. He teaches in a disciplined fashion but is still a lot of fun! Also, very responsive on scheduling. I've been very happy with his instruction!

Juliana C.

I used to play when I was back in high school. I wanted to pick tennis back up, so I searched to try to take some lessons. It didn't take long for me to get back into the groove of things, but I realized my weaknesses that I had in the past still remained. My serve and my forehand being more consistent. With some minor tweaks, that literally CHANGED my game. Hugo is awesome! Knows exactly how to diagnose a problem and knows what to do to fix it in order to remove whats getting in the way between your current level and the next.

Alejandro E.

Hugo is a great teacher! I was a complete beginner and after 4 lessons can now rally back and forth + participate in doubles. The way he explains things makes learning easy and he provides meaningful feedback to improve your game. I especially liked how organized his sessions are and how each one you practice the basics, learn something new, and finish with serves.

Abby W.

I hadn't played tennis since middle school 15 years ago and recently started getting back into the sport. I quickly realized that I needed proper coaching so I found Elite America Tennis. I was immediately impressed by Hugo's professionalism; he was courteous, accommodating of my work schedule, early to every lesson, and a great communicator, letting me know exactly where he had secured a court for each lesson. I started lessons with Hugo expecting marginal improvement over a long period, but I've been blown away by how quickly Hugo was able to assess my level, my deficiencies, and curate customized coaching sessions for me. In 4 one-hour sessions I've improved an unbelievable amount. Hugo is able to translate the complex biomechanics of tennis into very simple, palatable concepts that finally make sense to me, and it has transformed the fundamentals of my game.

Josh N.

I have coached alongside Hugo for 4 years. He is one of the best tennis professionals I have ever worked with, and a great friend.

Noe V.

I was lucky to find Hugo to give tennis lessons to my grandchildren (6 and 7 year old). It is a pleasure to deal with Hugo - he is responsible, reliable and flexible. The kids love the lessons, having a lot of fun while noticeably improving their skills with racquets and balls. We are looking forward to continuing the lessons with Hugo for years to come.

Alla Z.

It has been an outstanding first month being coached by Hugo -- coming back to tennis after over decade away from the game. I have learned more and improved my technique quicker with him in our first eight sessions than I did in many years of prior playing. Hugo is an exceptional tennis coach -- offering a great combination of analysis, instruction, drills, strategy, and good humor.  With his help, I have begun to disover a more powerful yet relaxed style of play that is more fun and effective.

Jonathan A.

Hugo has been an awesome coach for my girls. He has taught them the fundamentals of tennis in an approachable, fun way. He teaches with intention and doesn't waste any time during the lessons. I have been so happy with the progress they've made over only 5 weeks. It's really incredible! Also, he's extremely responsive and keeps track of scheduling and any schedule changes really well. I plan to continue putting my girls in lessons as Hugo is a really great teacher!

Namita B.

Hugo is a great coach! I have been training with him for a little over three months and my game has improved a lot. He is a great observer, able to read players deficiencies and correct them with mastery.

Thiago M.

It is hard to find a dedicated coach who understands the game both ways, as a player and as a teacher. He is dedicated to his students of all levels and he customizes the lessons to meet your goals. I highly recommend Coach Hugo! His instructions are easy to follow and essential to becoming a good tennis player.

Timea T.

I have been playing tennis for 15 years and have always wanted to take private lessons, and I am so glad to have found Hugo.  He works on both technique and strategy with me, and every time I play I can see the improvements in my game.  I also never thought that it was worth working on my serve, as it was consistent but not a weapon.   He taught me a much more effective serve, and every time I step to the service line I experience the advantage a better serve provides.  Hugo is patient and friendly, and the hour on the court with him is one of my favorite hours in my week.

Marla K.

I've worked with Coach Hugo for nearly a year and am super satisfied with my progress. Coach has helped my stroke fundamentals, game strategy, and court positioning tremendously. Hugo's lessons are focused on skill acquisition but played within a "live point". This approach works for me because it simulates what I can expect in a match. He is quite adept at pointing out the how/why of my missed shots. He is able to work with people schedules to accommodate lesson times. I highly recommend.

Shannon M.

I've been casually playing tennis for a few years, but as someone who did not grow up playing, knew i needed a great coach to help me become a competent player. Thankfully, i found Hugo. I've worked with Hugo for probably a year or so, and my game has dramatically improved.  He has helped transform my strokes to ensure proper technique while helping me learn point strategy.  And when i say transform, no stone has been left unturned - forehand, backhand, volleys, drop shots, slice, flat/slice/kick serve, etc.  Hugo has systematically worked his way through my game and improved all aspects.  Importantly, Hugo himself is a great player, so lessons are lively and challenging, not just "feeds from the basket." Lastly, Hugo is a genuinely good person.  He brings positive energy to the court, is flexible and fun to be around.

Michael H.

Hugo is a fabulous coach. Patient, encouraging, and kind. My son's tennis has improved dramatically along with his love for the game. Hugo seems infinitely flexible, tailoring his approach to each player's level and precisely what that the player needs. He is just a gem.

Robin F.

I've been taking lessons from Hugo for about 6 months now and have improved tremendously. Especially strategy and playing to my strengths. I appreciate his no-nonsense approach to the lesson, he makes the most of the time on the court. I've been taking lessons with a group of 3-4 women each time and we work on either singles or doubles strategy. All of us have improved so much. I highly recommend him, you will not be disappointed!

Jennifer S.

Hugo is one of the best athletic coaches I've ever had. He is patient and knowledgeable and always leaves room for questions and feedback. Tennis class with Hugo is about the only thing I look forward to each week. It's very technical and strategy focused yet somehow I leave like I've just busted my butt for 90 minutes without realizing it! He is also a prompt communicator and very organized on the scheduling side. Highly recommend!

Fiona R.

I've been working with Hugo in a group of 4 for about 2 months now. Hugo has been an awesome coach the whole time. I was a complete beginner when I first started, but thanks to Hugo's coaching, I've been able to build a solid foundation and improve a lot as a result. His lessons comprise a good mix of learning the fundamental techniques, having rallies to practice the techniques, and personalized guidance for each person even in a group setting. I highly recommend Hugo for anyone regardless of their skill level.

Derrick L.

Hugo has been a terrific coach for our family. Our whole family takes lessons from him. We started as absolute beginners and have started playing real tennis in a very short time span. My 8 year old enjoys his lessons and is always eager to go for tennis class. Hugo understands each persons's learning style and adapts his teaching accordingly.

Ritu U.

Hugo is a very knowledgeable, patient, and experienced tennis coach. I have been taking weekly group lessons from Hugo for about 3 months now, starting from a complete beginner. Hugo structures the lessons very well and tailors the lesson towards each person's skill level, interest, and etc. Since taking lessons from him, I am now comfortable with all the basic skills - serve (flat & slice), forehand, backhand, slices, and volleys and can have decent rallies. Our group is now starting to learn more advanced concepts such as hitting on the rise, proper positioning, and hitting more aggressive shots. Hugo is a great coach and can adjust his training towards anyone of all skill levels!

David L.

My daughter and I are beginners and we have taken about 5 one-hour lessons together. Hugo is a stellar tennis coach. He knows how to teach the technical aspects of the game (e.g. grip, footwork, body positioning, timing).  In addition, even with beginners like ourselves, he is already mixing in strategy (e.g. how to move the opponent around he court to set up a winner). He is able to consistently hit balls back at the appropriate pace and location so we can purposefully practice focused shots (e.g. wide shots to a particular side) without wasting time. The one hour sessions are packed with instruction and practice, even for both of us together. He is very positive and encouraging.

Keane L.

My kids and I met Hugo 2 months ago. We loved his personality and his way of teaching. He made significant strides with my 8 and 6 year old children with being fun but firm and technically very observant. I am delighted with how my kids tennis skills improved and would thoroughly recommend Hugo to all players irrespective of standard or age of the player.

Maya M.

I've tried a lot of tennis instructors in Palo Alto and Hugo is definitely the best.  My son has taken several lessons with Hugo and he is leaps and bounds better than when he started (he previously had years of tennis lessons elsewhere with very little progress).  Hugo is organized, professional and intent on helping my son play his best level of tennis.  Overall a wonderful tennis coach in Palo Alto.

Stephanie S.

Hugo is a natural teacher and truly knows tennis. After 18 years of playing tennis, this year my game got a huge boost from his guidance. There probably isn't a better instructor around.

Henry R.

Hugo is the best tennis coach I have ever worked with and I have worked with many at local and collegiate level. He is very professional and very fun to work with. I love that he cares about my game getting better but my well being as well. When I was was struggling to find tennis friends after many friends had moved away he connected me so I would have people to play with. I met one of my best friends in the area though him. I have worked with him for many years and my game is significantly better. Every time I am in the area I will be reaching out to work with him, can't recommend him enough.

Annie T.

Elite America Tennis has exceptional coaches deeply invested in the growth and development of all aspects of your game. From tailoring each lesson to address areas you are looking to improve to discovering other parts of your game you may not have otherwise focused on, the coaches work diligently to infuse each lesson with valuable instruction and guidance. Hugo is by all measures the best tennis coach I have ever worked with - he is immensely knowledgeable about technique, strategy, and mental fitness. He structures each lesson in a thoughtful way and breaks down every aspect of each shot or tactic and customizes the exercises in a way to bring out your best. It is rare to get to work with a coach who is equally committed to your development as well as amplifying your appreciation for the game. Hugo challenges you to learn technique outside your comfort zone and is always there with positive encouragement. He creates a welcoming and supportive atmosphere to help you continue to push through your growth edge to become a better, more well rounded player. Rodrigo is also immensely talented and takes the time to walk through everything from proper footwork to grip and follow through best practices like Hugo. He is so positive and creates a fun learning environment. If you are looking to learn tennis for the first time or are coming back to the game after many years away from the court like me, I cannot recommend Elite America Tennis highly enough to support you on your learning journey. You will not find a program as dedicated to your success. You will be throughly impressed and have a meaningful experience working with the talented coaching team. It will encourage you to continue learning and improving while falling more in love with the game and every opportunity you get to step onto the court.

Lauren G.

Hugo took me from picking up a racket the first time to a decent Men’s 4.0 tennis player in the three years I have been working with him. He is up to date on the latest techniques, so will help you build the right foundations for your game, and with his positive energy every session is fun

Dan R.

I’ve been taking tennis lessons for 10+ years previously with other coaches and about 2 with Hugo and Hugo is THE absolute BEST!! He keeps you focused and working on shots that truly help your game. And he keeps it fun and entertaining! Highly recommend!

Kate P.

I can highly recommend Hugo and Elite America Tennis. He is such a talented coach and I couldn't begin to say enough good things about his teaching style. I have worked with him for close to two years now and I always look forward to our lessons.

Abi M.

Hugo is an incredibly gifted coach. He has the patience of a saint and the skill of a master. He adeptly works with all ages and ability levels to help each person hone their craft and bring their tennis games to a new level. He's taught me the basics and gotten me to the point where I can rally consistently and enjoy playing matches, been a hitting partner for my husband (who is really good), and trained my kids. He's simply the best!

Sivan W.

Hugo is always friendly, kind, and incredibly accommodating. And I can get my backhand over the net now! He’s a fantastic coach.

Santiago W.

Hugo is an incredible coach. He cares deeply about his players and our children have vastly improved under his guidance. He is extremely dedicated to his craft and knows how to teach all aspects of the game at the highest level. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Puneet A.

Incredible, personalized, professional yet warm, Hugo takes you to the next level of your game regardless of your level. He was so fantastic with my kids that he is now training me and several friends!
10 stars for Hugo!!

Farah K.

We learn skills that we can use right away such as poaching, down the line, and serve and volley. When I find myself missing certain shots, like backhand serve returns, Hugo can see my technique issues and answer my questions so I can improve so much faster.

Kathy K.

Hugo is very gifted instructor. His lessons are always different, with fun mini games that are great for all skill levels. He not only helps with fundamentals, but he explains strategies for playing, too. He’s the best and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a well-rounded coach!

Tina H.

Hugo is a very knowledgeable, patient, and experienced tennis coach. My son benefited a lot from lessons with him. QHe puts a great deal of emphasis on technique, footwork, consistency, as well as player strategy. His lessons are also fun. We highly recommend him!

Ting T.

HUGO is a INCREDIBLE COACH that truly words don’t justify his expertise, professionalism, skill and knowledge of the game of tennis. He has coached myself and all three of my boys for years now and honestly we can’t get ENOUGH of his instruction. If you are looking for the BEST that’s HUGO CIARROCCHI!!

Melissa W.

I've been with several tennis coaches in Bay Area and I hope I could have met Coach Hugo earlier.
Hugo's commitment to professionalism is evident in his punctuality, reliability, and flawless preparation for each session. His organizational skills contribute to a focused and efficient training environment. What sets Hugo apart is his exceptional teaching ability. He adeptly breaks down intricate techniques, making them accessible and easy to comprehend. His patience and encouragement create a positive and conducive learning atmosphere. I wholeheartedly recommend Coach Hugo for anyone seeking a dedicated, organized, and effective tennis coach. Under his guidance, I've gained confidence and a deeper understanding of the game.

Bruce C.

Hugo is an awesome professional and tennis coach. He boils down technique and strategy in a way that is easy to grasp and remember and uses every single minute of our lesson intentionally. It's about constant improvement and mastery with Hugo. He cares about his students and does not waste time unlike other coaches who just feed balls over and over again. I feel that I've improved my game tremendously in the past couple of years with Hugo and look forward to my lesson with him every time.

Sarah C.

I got a referral from my friend and it turned out that Hugo is one of the best coaches in Bay Area! He is very patient with all of my overly analytical questions on techniques and understanding tennis in general. He is observant with my tennis styles, common mistakes, Instruct me with a practical solution on how to play better fitting to my tennis level. I had other coaches before, but Hugo is the most outstanding in terms of actually improving my skills across all area-controlling directions, speed( he also taught me a muscle anatomy like my shoulders and chest workout are needed to generate an accelerating hit) There are millions ways of hitting a ball as we know. You will need a coach who can customize the learning progress following your current skill level. He is also genuinely care for my physical conditions and encourages my progress positively with a sense of humor. I had tennis elbow from tennis practices before him becoming my coach and it was really dragging me down for months. He checked my elbow pain level multiple times every time when I had a class with him and adjusted each day's practice area accordingly. It helped my recovery as well while still being able to practice. He is certainly pleasant to learn and practice with! I highly recommend him.

Claire K.

After playing for months and struggling with my groundstrokes, I started working with Hugo and he fixed my groundstrokes within 3 sessions. Though I'm in my 40s and just starting my tennis journey, Hugo takes me seriously and pushes me to be my best. He is exceptional at coaching to the player - he is able to use my strengths and style to help me be my best while making sure I am also paying attention to technique. Hugo is a positive, fun, and warm person. Lessons are always a blast, a good work-out, and full of professional-level guidance. Anybody at any age or level would be lucky to work with him!

Stephanie C.

I started working with Hugo as a complete tennis beginner without any prior experience. Despite this, Hugo's patient and encouraging approach has helped me make great strides in just a few short months.
Hugo breaks down complicated techniques into easy-to-grasp concepts during our lessons. His step-by-step approach allows me to learn at my own pace without feeling overwhelmed or like I'm getting lectured. He has an uncanny way of remembering exactly where we left off at the end of each lesson. When we start the next session, he knows just how to help me build on what I've already learned.
Thanks to Hugo, I can now hold my own when playing friendly games. My tennis journey is just starting, and I couldn't have a better coach helping me improve. I would highly recommend Hugo to anyone wanting to level up their tennis game.

Francis L.

I’ve been taking lessons with coach Hugo for a few months. He has been extremely patient, communicative and accommodating. Would recommend 10/10.

Leo Y.

I have had many sports coaches throughout my lifetime, but very few, if any, have matched Hugo in his professionalism, commitment, and dedication to his students. As a complete beginner to the game, I have been extremely impressed by Hugo's patience, temperament, and clarity over the last year in which we've worked together. Hugo puts tremendous care into his coaching; every minute in the lesson is spent intentionally and built upon things learned from the prior lessons. I have complete trust that Hugo will challenge me in every lesson and get me to improve week after week; all I have to do is show up. Hugo is particularly adept at explaining technique, making sure that even a beginner such as myself is learning with the correct form from the get-go. I have strongly recommended Hugo to all of my friends who are in search of a tennis instructor in the Palo Alto area. My search is certainly over. Anyone would be lucky to have Hugo as an instructor!

Julia Y.

HUGO: Testimonial
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